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Northern Oaks Teacher Named Texas Charter Schools 2017 Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Brooke Lucero!

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Welcome to Great Hearts Northern Oaks

Dear Friends of Great Hearts Northern Oaks,

There is a special joy attached to being involved in the community of Great Hearts Northern Oaks; it is a joy derived from the knowledge that we are engaged in an historical undertaking to transform our students and our city. This transformation occurs not only through our classical curriculum but also through the men and women of high character, competence, and vision that make up our faculty and staff. We are deeply honored to be a part of bringing this outstanding education to the communities of North San Antonio—an education that seeks not only to investigate the nature of reality but also to cultivate a life of virtue.

If you are visiting this website for the first time, please take a moment to read our vision and familiarize yourself with our classical curriculum. Should you need any more information, feel free to reach out to us at

With Warm Regards,

Trinette Keffer
Lower School Headmaster

Andrew Shivone
Upper School Headmaster